Are you looking for a scalable software platform based on open source building blocks? Are you concerned about the IT security of your buildings? Are you fed up with siled systems and want to bring together all features and services within a single platform ?

Smalt Platform is a unique digital building platform that facilitates the emergence of services.

  • “Services” oriented, Smalt Platform creates the link between the technical infrastructure of buildings and users.
  • Made up of independent, tailor-made functional “bricks”, you can build a platform that meets your needs.


In short

An app for users

Management of connected equipment, reservation of rooms and equipment, access to useful information, reporting of incidents, etc.

A management and supervision platform

Remote equipment control, data visualization (temperatures, consumption, air, etc.), reporting of technical incidents, etc.

ABuilding Operating System

Data collection and analysis. Automation of alarm setting, Sun-tracking and automatic management of sunshades…

Discover our Smalt Home and Smalt Platform applications by going to:https://home.smalt.ioand https://platform.smalt.io/smalt